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Todd's Techy Tips
4th Quarter 2017 issue

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Brain Candy

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I was going to do a re-print of a previous article we ran in 2013 about teenagers and internet safety but the Lord changed my direction; which I love. The term 'smart phone' is the greatest oxymoron of our time. Here are the reasons I often hear when I attempt to teach people about the dangers of smart phones. 1. I need to stay connected. Connected to what??? People went for thousands of years without being connected. 2. It's how I communicate with my friends and family? Isn't that what the telephone is for??? 3. I need it for work to keep me organized and to check my e-mails. No one person should be working all the time and staying organized can be done just as well without a smart phone. Some of the most successful people in history did so without being so 'connected and organized'. That is what a schedule, filing cabinets and computers are for. You may think I am giving my opinion here but I am sharing with you what the Lord put on my heart to tell you.

Here is the simple truth of the matter. Smart phones are brain candy. A great majority of it is worthless, unfruitful information which keeps your minds constantly occupied but for all the wrong reasons. Now there are exceptions to every rule but not too many in this case. Christians aren't supposed to be like worldly people. Christians are supposed to be separated from the worldly things. Most all of the internet is full of idolatrous things.

What is happening is the devil has for nearly 2 generations conditioned the minds of people, especially our youth, that they somehow need to be 'connected'. Connected to what? Anything that is of God bears fruit and pertains to eternity. To my knowledge, of all the social media information I have posted that could possibly lead someone to repentance and salvation, I have seen no fruit from it. Why? Because God doesn't need social media to accomplish those things. The witness of Jesus is a one on one, person to person thing because the Spirit of God dwells IN His people and that is how the transfer of power takes place. What I see happening is people carrying little idols in their hands of all ages, colors, religions and nationalities which is keeping their mind divided, taking time away from their service to the Lord and especially their alone time in prayer and meditation. Why? Because of constant alerts, reminders, instant messages, notifications and if they aren't happening in a given moment, your brain is on standby in anticipation of them.

We would all do well to remember the scripture in James 1:8 “ A double minded man is unstable in ALL his ways.”.